shipping / FAQ

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, order times are quite delayed. While domestic (US) orders can take up to a week to arrive, international orders may be delayed by up to 2-3 months.

Additionally, the USPS is currently suspending mail services from the following countries listed here. Orders placed from these countries will be cancelled and refunded.

UK/EU customers: First-Class International (Untracked) mail is available for flat orders (stickers/prints)! 

If you are hesitant to order physical merch, I have a large selection of digital downloadable goods for you to browse! ;) 

Thank you for understanding! 



"When will my order be sent?"

Please allow me around 1 week after placing your order for processing. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, shipping delays are common. For this reason, we highly recommend adding tracked shipping to standard 'flat' orders to always know the status of your package! Currently, the approximate arrival times for packages are as such: 

USA: approximately 5-7 business days (USPS First Class)
International: 2-3 weeks, but up to 2 months (USPS First class International)

"Do you ship internationally?"

Yes! However, we are currently not shipping to the UK. We recommend using a proxy shipping service if necessary.

"What is the difference between tracked and standard shipping?"

Physical orders only containing 'flat' merchandise such as prints, stickers and sticker sheets will be mailed in a standard envelope with no tracking by default. All other orders (ex. an order containing one charm and one sticker) will always be shipped in a padded mailer with tracking.

"Can I add tracking to my flat mail order?" 

Yes! If you have a flat order and would like to add tracking, please add the Shipping Upgrade item to your order.

"Help! I wrote the wrong shipping address/there's a mistake on my order!"

 Contact us as soon as possible with the order number provided in your confirmation email, and we can get that changed -- please note that if you've already received the shipping confirmation email, it may be too late to intercept the package and alter the address. In that case, you may be responsible for additional shipping fees.

"My order is taking a while to arrive. What can I do?"

 Please regularly check the status of your order using the tracking number provided, or check in with your local post office. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tracking may update infrequently and packages can even appear randomly! Unfortunately, once packages are handed off to USPS there isn't much we can do to expedite the shipping process of your order. However, if you suspect the package has been lost or another mistake has occurred, please contact us so we can figure out what to do from there!